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What's New in WynDashboards v5.0

New Release

Wyn Enterprise v5.0 is now available. This release includes report and dashboard improvements, scheduling enhancements, new diagnostic and monitoring tools, and support for new data sources.

Business users are always asking for new data to find trends and insights in their daily business data. Fixed scope datasets do not always address the varied needs of business users. As data continuously grows and becomes more challenging to manage, we have included support for data sources that handle large amounts of data.

We have support for several additional data sources, including:

  • ElasticSearch
  • Hive DB
  • Apache Spark
  • HANA
  • MongoDB - Native Query

Let's explore all of the new enhancements in WynDashboards.

Read the full v5.0 release.

Read the full WynReports v5.0 release.

Lightweight Dashboard Viewer

Wyn 5.0 offers a lightweight, fully interactive dashboard viewer for large screen displays and slower networks. The new dashboard viewer is highly embeddable with more dashboard control.

Share KPIs and actionable insights on the large screen display; ideal for manufacturing floors, IT helpdesks, anywhere you need to see real-time data and daily progress with a large, open display. 

New Dashboard Exports

Export to PDF for Dashboards 

Using scheduled tasks, you can export and distribute PDfs via email attachments. You can manually schedule, as a one-time task, or on a regular schedule.

Learn more about task scheduling.

Support for Data Models and DirectQuery for Dashboard Visuals

Wyn 5.0 offers Analytics Models to structure data in a user-friendly relational structure from DB. This is similar to Reports Semantic Models. Using Analytics Models, data visualizations query the database directly (DirectQuery) to get the latest data for visualization and analytics.

Learn more about new data models for dashboards.

Embedded BI Enhancements for Dashboards

This release offers new settings to further customize dashboard elements.

Enhancements include:

  • Host Custom Visuals in DIV elements
  • Customize the user interactivity on the Dashboard Viewer
  • The ability to control Dashboard Viewer behavior with JS Events

Read more about these enhancements in our documentation.

Data Visualization Enhancements

Improved data visualization elements include new column charts, bar charts, and enhanced Calc charts.

Column charts are used to compare categorical data through vertical bars with categories plotted on the x-axis and data values along the vertical axis. Column chart applications find where the number of values is too large to be used on an x-axis. For example, the population share of different countries across the globe can be represented using a column chart.

Wyn Enterprise supports column charts as well as the variations Range Column Chart, Stacked Column Chart, and Percent Stacked Column Chart.

Learn how to create column charts and bar charts in Wyn Enterprise.


Calc charts enable users to calculate and visualize custom metrics in a dashboard dynamically. With Calc Charts, users can easily organize, gather, maintain, and visualize the data that is normally unavailable in the dataset. 

Learn more about Calc charts.

Other Enhancements Include:

  • Data labels for aggregate groups/categories in charts
  • Use a data table to visualize the output of Calc Charts
  • Export data table rows into one Excel sheet
Dashboard Design-Time Enhancements

Wyn's design-time enhancements include several new customization and white-labeling options. 

Wyn Enterprise has always offered a variety of built-in fonts for use in dashboards. With v5.0, we offer support for the inclusion of custom fonts!

Filtering and Slicing Enhancements

Users have additional options for custom sorting in slicers and enhanced conditional formatting. This release offers support for hierarchical selection (as well as single value selection in TreeView Slice). Filtering data improvements allow users to choose the "And/Or" in filter criteria. 

With Wyn Enterprise v5.0

Understand the Story Behind Your Data

Wyn offers built-in tools for report and dashboard creation, data governance, security integration, embedded BI, automated document distribution, and a business-user-friendly interface for self-service business intelligence.

Laurie Smith

Laurie A. Smith is the Product Marketing Manager for Wyn Enterprise. She managed content development at GrapeCity's Developer Tools Division before moving to the Wyn Enterprise Business Intelligence Team. Laurie holds an MFA in Film and Digital Media Production from Chatham University, an MBA & a Master's Degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA.

In addition to working in technology, she also loves beekeeping, the horror movie genre, and carefully cultivating sunflowers. Reach out to her at or find her on LinkedIn.

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