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About Wyn Enterprise

Our Story

MESCIUS, formally GrapeCity, a global provider of award-winning enterprise software tools for over 40 years, delivers Wyn Enterprise, a business intelligence platform. 

Sold globally to Fortune 100 companies, MESCIUS' family of products provides developers, designers, and architects with the ultimate collection of easy-to-use tools for building sleek, high-performance, feature-complete applications.

Wyn Enterprise began as a re-architecting of MESCIUS' ActiveReports Server to be a platform-agnostic and plugin-oriented enterprise solution. Wyn Enterprise supplies analytics, dashboarding, and data visualization functionality to enterprise users.

The complete functionality of Wyn Enterprise is accessible through modern browsers using responsive portals, making seamless on-the-go secured business intelligence a reality.


The Evolution of Wyn Enterprise

In 2011, we introduced our first self-service enterprise reporting platform called ActiveReports Server. Over the years, new features and capabilities were added based on customer requests and market demands.

In 2017, after years of R&D, ActiveReports Server was re-architected to include more advanced data-governance capabilities, and a self-service dashboard module was added. The enhanced platform was now much more than an embeddable self-service reporting platform.

Introduced as the next generation of MESCIUS' enterprise BI platform, Wyn Enterprise offers embedded BI and self-service capabilities, dashboard and report options, scalable architecture, and much more to help businesses make strategic decisions.

With server-based licensing, organizations are free from user fees or limits on data size.

In 2018, we established MESCIUS' Enterprise Solutions Division with the introduction of Wyn Enterprise. We now have teams across all our MESCIUS offices in United States, Japan, and Korea.

Company Timeline:
Company Culture

We pride ourselves on our cutting-edge products and excellent customer service – none of which would be possible without our company culture.

Our greatest assets are our employees, and Wyn Enterprise is dedicated to employee wellness and happiness. We work hard but also value families and work-life balance.

Our Values
  • Thoroughly understanding our customers' business objectives.
  • Maintaining a strong emphasis on quality.
  • Offering and enabling expanded collaboration.
  • Enhancing global communication through improved information science and data visualization.
  • Building a data-driven community by creating strong customer relationships.
  • Ongoing innovation through customer-driven roadmaps.
Learn More About Wyn Enterprise

We offer three options to explore Wyn's embedded BI and advanced analytics capabilities.

Watch a Demo Video

Take a Wyn tour.

Watch our Wyn Enterprise video demo -- learn about our user portals, our Dashboard Designer, and create a report in seconds.

Watch Demo

Online Evaluation

A 15-day online trial. 

This evaluation enables you to explore our dashboarding and reporting functionalities using Wyn’s demo data.

15-Day Evaluation

Try Wyn with Your Own Data

A 30-day full-function trial version of Wyn.

Download Wyn Enterprise on-premise for you to evaluate with your own data and security.

30-Day Wyn Trial