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Wyn Enterprise: Dashboard Lite Viewer

Wyn Enterprise has already been providing a feature-packed Standard Viewer in the past to preview the dashboards with powerful data analysis capability. With comprehensive data exploration features, it lets you interact with the dashboards for deeper insight and better decision-making. However, such loads of features may affect the performance of dashboards.

There are some scenarios where the focus is more on the dashboard rendering speed rather than on performing the in-depth analysis on the data. To overcome such performance issues, we now provide Lite Viewer which is the optimized version of the standard viewer, in addition to the standard viewer. Another advantage that the Lite Viewer provides to the users is a rich API for customizing the dashboard layouts and adding custom animations as per business needs. In addition, Lite Viewer is best suited for viewing dashboards on large screens.

Note that the built-in viewer in the Dashboard Designer always uses the Standard Viewer.

The following image shows the difference when you preview a dashboard through the Standard Viewer and Lite Viewer in Wyn Enterprise. It can be observed that the Lite Viewer does not support the preview toolbar and its features (such as Fit to Screen, Slide Show, Refresh, Export, etc), and options like Export and Actions when hovering the mouse over the dashboard scenario.

Comparision between Standard and Lite Viewer

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