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How to refresh a HTTPS cerfiticate when unaccessable

In this article we will go through the process of reinstating the https certification for a builtin https setup of Wyn.

A possible need to do this would be due to an error in the process of the certificate being made for the wyn or its setup, or the certification expiring while the box is still up and running.

In either case there are signs of a cyclical login issue where you can not login properly, or the site not being accessible via the https address and needing to access it via IP etc. over http.

Here are the following steps to reinstate the https certificate and get the system back up and running.

First, You will need to access the wyn.conf in the file network of the deployment. Copy it as a backup to refer to for future use if needed.

From there you will see a section in the conf inside of the Server node.

        <EnableHttpsDefaultPort>true</EnableHttpsDefaultPort> <!-- if using 443 or not -->

You will want to switch the true in EnableBuiltInHttps to false.


After this you need to change the identity server node to localhost or the ip of the machine with 51980 as the port so we can access the machine over http.



After this is switched you will need to flip Wyn on and off again so that the conf changes take effect and bring Wyn up in http on the local/ip access.


From there you will need to access the Wyn site to go through the process of adding the cert back on via the GUI in the admin portal as seen in this doc:

Sometimes you may need to go to an in private browser to access the sited to get past cookies that may make it load wrong until you have it configured correctly again. 


The general process is uploading the cert pfx file to Wyn, then configuring the password and identity server to match what you have int he certification. Then toggle if you are using 443 or not.

After this save and when the server comes back up you will be able to access it as normal on https.