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Deploying with HTTPS

This article introduces the steps to publish Wyn Enterprise on the public Internet using the System Configuration settings of the Admin Portal. Here, the administrator will use the built-in Wyn HTTPS settings instead of firewall or reverse proxy. Wyn HTTPS settings help to build secure network communication.

This is the primary approach to deploy Wyn Enterprise with HTTPS.

Deploy Wyn Enterprise with HTTPS

The following section describes the steps to deploy Wyn Enterprise services directly on HTTPS where it is publicly accessible by the users.

  1. On the Admin Portal, navigate to Configuration > System Configuration settings.

  2. Set the Enable Built-in HTTPS property to True.

    Note: If you disable the HTTPS setting after enabling it (i.e. change this setting from 'True' to 'False'), then you need to clear the site data for Chrome and Microsoft Edge after Wyn Enterprise restarts.

  3. Configure the HTTPS default port settings. If the Enable HTTPS Default Port(443) property is set to 'True', you can directly use the domain name to access the site. Else, you need to add the port number ':51980' after the domain name to access the site.

  4. Upload the built-in HTTPS certificate file (pfx format) using the Upload button.

  5. Enter the password for the built-in HTTPS certificate file.

    System Configuration settings on the Admin Portal

  6. Click the Save button.