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What's New in WynReports v6.1

WynReports v6.1 release is now available. This includes the capability to work with custom functions in Reports so that users can add their proprietary business logic to be used in report design and rendering. The other focus area of this release is on enhancements to the report viewer and designer interactivity.

Read the full Wyn v6.1 release post here.


Easily Schedule and Customize Reports

With a new feature called Report Bursting, users can quickly distribute reports based on a dynamic set of parameters to a distribution list. Each report execution can be sent to a specific user with their own set of parameters. This new feature saves the user valuable time and ensures the reports are error free.

To learn more about Report Bursting, please click here.


Enhanced Control and Customization

Enhanced control and customization features have been added for the embedded Report Designer and Report Viewer. New features include:

  • Hide sections in the information panel

  • Customize the look and feel of the Save As Dialog

  • Action Events for JS scripting of saving reports using the Report Designer

Along with the standardization of the API as part of APIv2, the embeddable Designer and Viewer options allow for more control over how the controls are embedded and what functionality is available to end users.


Additional customer requested enhancements:

  • Report settings used for file properties in Word and Excel Exports.

  • Improvements for Document Theme font usage in text

  • Sorting for Parameter lookup values

  • Ability to use Saved Filters from the Report Viewer as part of Schedule Task creation

Bhupesh Malhotra

Bhupesh is a Product Manager for MESCIUS' BI-focused products. He loves to tell the story behind data through data visualization techniques. He likes to hear from customers and talk about their experiences with reporting and analytics. When he isn't thinking about data, he spends time with his family and enjoys traveling to new places with them. You can connect with Bhupesh on Twitter

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