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What's New in WynDashboards v6.1

WynDashboards v6.1 is now available! The goal of this release is to further improve the analytic model capabilities and introduce new use case-based expressions while making WAX more available throughout the plugin. Along with this, the release also includes design-time functionality to help address the visualization needs of customers. We have also added new visualizations and enhanced existing ones based on customer requests.

Read the full Wyn v6.1 release post here.

Dynamic control over showing and hiding components on a Dashboard at runtime

The ability to show/hide (collapse/expand) sections of the dashboard to allow for better use of space. The behavior can be controlled by buttons on the dashboard. Show/hide slicer sections and tabs/containers for deeper analysis options and dashboard interactivity.


Data Visualization Enhancements

When talking about and trying to analyze large sets of data, people often need help to follow. This is where data visualizations come in and why users like them so much - because they make it easier for people to understand and visualize these large data sets. Wyn includes many different types of data visualizations, and this release contains many enhancements to those.

Enhancements include:

  • Introduced Shared Axis Combined Charts

  • Enhanced options for visibility of pagination controls

  • More customization options for Images and Tree Slicer

  • Ability to show/hide measures and dimensions in chart at runtime using Legends

  • Slicers can now be used across multi-page dashboards

  • Auto Scroll animation added to Card visualizations


Wyn Analytic Expressions (WAX) enhancements

Wyn Analytic Expressions (WAX) were added in recent versions to enhance the ad hoc expressions capabilities for the dashboards. They allow end users to use simple expressions to do statistical and aggregation calculations directly in the dashboards without waiting for developers, data analysts, or admins. With Wyn v6.1, we have added support for multi-value parameters in WAX expressions.


Dashboard Designer/Viewer Enhancements

Embedded BI customizations have been added that include:

  • Ability to turn features on/off based on options when embedding Dashboards in web applications (Designer and viewer).

This new enhancement gives additional control over what capabilities and options IT teams provide to end users while they use the Dashboard for design or preview.


New Visualizations

We’ve included new visualizations for new use cases to show data including:

  • KPI Kanban Chart

  • Animated Fill KPI indicators

  • CandleStick Charts


Performance Optimizations

To help improve the speed and efficiency of Wyn, various performance optimizations have been included in this release. First, the load times for Dashboard Designer and Viewers have been optimized. This is beneficial because it can improve the user experience and make it easier for users to access and interact with the data. Additionally, performance of the embedded Dashboard viewers have been optimized. This is important because users can focus on analyzing data instead of waiting for the Dashboard to load and it can also lead to increased user adoption.


Additional customer requested features

Features include:

  • New option to keep Cross Filter results with Drilldown and other analysis on the charts

  • Enhanced support for value axis on right side for RTL visualizations

  • Enhanced support for WCAG 2.1 standards

  • Ability to define hierarchical custom geoJSON maps for drill down capabilities

  • Enhancements to Parameter binding when jumping between dashboard documents

  • Tooltip Enhancements for data visualization data points.

Bhupesh Malhotra

Bhupesh is a Product Manager for MESCIUS' BI-focused products. He loves to tell the story behind data through data visualization techniques. He likes to hear from customers and talk about their experiences with reporting and analytics. When he isn't thinking about data, he spends time with his family and enjoys traveling to new places with them. You can connect with Bhupesh on Twitter

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