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Business Intelligence, A through Z - the Wyn Enterprise Edition

It’s that time of year again… back-to-school time! And while you’re likely not getting prepared for your first day back in the classroom, it never hurts to learn something new.

When it comes to the Business Intelligence industry, change is inevitable. To keep up, Wyn Enterprise is always adding new features and functionality; and sometimes, these new things can be easy to miss or difficult to understand.

To help you stay up-to-date on BI essentials from Wyn, or just to learn something new, we’ve created a glossary of terms, A through Z. Check it out!


A - Ad hoc - Ad hoc reporting is a BI process where non-technical end-users can generate BI reports without needing IT. Ad hoc reporting enables end-users to ask their own questions and create their own reports.

B - Bubble Map - A Bubble Map is one of the new map visualizations available within WynDashboards. A Bubble Map employs size and/or color to show variations in measure magnitudes among different map points or regions. It's useful for metrics like regional sales, entity counts, and more.

C - Categories - In Wyn, the Categories tab of the UI Settings page allows you to create categories to help organize your reports and dashboards easily. Categories are secured based on roles and permissions. Admins and users have rights to add, edit, or delete a category or a sub-category.

D - Document Binding - Document Binding helps save time by combining dashboards & reports into one email distribution. This easy scheduling feature is beneficial for the recipient, fewer emails and everything they need is in one place, and for the sender, create a fixed schedule to combine and share out documents that saves valuable work time.

E - Embedded BI - Embedded BI is the integration of business intelligence solutions within business process software. Embedded BI provides software with data visualization, analytics, dashboards, and reporting capabilities. Instead of using a standalone application, embedded BI enables business intelligence directly within an organization's business applications.

F - Front End Portals - Wyn’s Front End Portals make getting started easy. The three portals provide different functionality for different user groups. The three portals include a Documents Portal, a Resource Portal, and an Admin Portal.

G - Governance - With easy-to-use dashboard and report designers in the same web-based application, data governance allows end-users to develop their own ad-hoc dashboards and reports based on the secured data. It also will enable admins to model business data in a structure familiar to users.

H - Heat Map - A Heat Map is another new map visualization available within WynDashboards. A Heat Map displays data on a map using colors to indicate high and low density areas. It measures data point density within a specific geographic radius.

I - Industry BI Solutions - Our Industry BI Solutions provide real-time dashboards & BI reports in one unified platform, Wyn allows users (across any vertical) an intuitive portal for interacting with their data.

J - Jump To - Jump To is an interactivity function within Wyn Enterprise that allows users to move within reports/dashboards as they explore the data and visuals available to them to understand the data story better.

K - KPIs - Knowing and measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can help businesses achieve their desired results faster. BI solutions can help you build a variety of KPIs, monitor them, and report them out more quickly.

L - Localization - Localization is the process of adapting content, products, and services to specific local markets. Wyn Enterprise offers localization, meaning you’re in control of your dashboard and reports. Authors have the ability tolocalize titles, labels, data visualizations, and more. Localization can help to increase user adoption and even open up new markets.

M - Monitoring - Instead of constantly watching your dashboard, set data monitoring rules so Wyn Alerts can tell you, in real-time, when something is happening, good or bad. In Wyn, you can integrate your push-notifications with the platforms you use every day - Slack, MS Teams, and email.

N - Native multi-tenancy - Native multi-tenancy provides a secured centralized environment with built-in support for user context, row-level filters, and role-based security. With Wyn, you can manage your BI resources and data across all your customers from a single environment.

O - Organizational Security - Organizational security is a set of rules or procedures created by an organization to protect its sensitive data. With Wyn Enterprise, choose support for a variety of industry-standard protocols, including OAuth2, OpenID Connect, and other federated security systems for complete organizational security. Or choose from Wyn’s built-in extensibility for the security module to integrate with virtually any authentication methodology or security system your organization is currently using.

P - Permissions - Permissions ensure the appropriate people access the correct data and information across all verticals. Setting security roles keeps confidential information confidential. Role-based permissions allow admins to organize and funnel data to the appropriate users. These permissions streamline processes and ensure a smooth end-user experience.

Q - Queries - Queries are requests for information from a database. Embedded BI makes it easy to run queries because data models can create the query on demand, making it easier and faster to get the data needed for dashboards and reports.

R - Report Bursting - Modifying a report to meet the needs of multiple individuals can be time consuming and error ridden. Thanks to Report Bursting, users can render the same report multiple times with different values based on filters or parameters.

S - Self-Service - Self-service BI empowers your team to independently explore, analyze, and generate insights with data visualizations, interactive dashboards, and BI reports. It also helps to bring disparate data sources together and combines them for easy analysis, offering a single source of truth. 

T - Total Cost of Ownership - Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is an estimation of the expenses associated with purchasing, deploying, using and retiring a product. Wyn Enterprise’s unique server-based licensing allows you to scale your business and the user base with no additional cost. This gives you the lowest TCO for any embedded BI solution.

U - User Context - In Wyn, the User Context allows for additional use identification priorities to add content to the queries that are executed for dashboards and reports. This allows for additional automated filters to implement data governance rules and multi-tenancy use cases.

V - Visualization Wizard - The Visualization Wizard tab in the dashboard designer automatically generates smart scenarios based on the selected dataset. This feature is extremely beneficial to users who do not have prior knowledge related to BI tools.

W - Wyn Alerts - Create threshold based notifications and establish Wyn Alerts that are always on to monitor your data. Never miss an opportunity for improvement thanks to real-time monitoring and instant alerts. 

X - Xpressions (Yes, it’s “expressions” but “X” is a tough letter!) - Analytical expressions in WynDashboards is a formula that uses a set of built-in functions, operators, and constants that empowers end-users to define ad-hoc calculations to arrive at newly processed information. Business users can use these expressions from simple summarization such as sum and count to complex decisions, like a percent of the total, conditional aggregations, etc.

Y - Your choice… of environment, UI, data, and more! Wyn Enterprise is a flexible embedded BI platform that allows you to choose what works best for you and your company.

Z - Zen - Zen is a peaceful and calm feeling. Experience the Wyn Difference and feel a sense of zen and freedom from stress that often comes with traditional BI.


And there you have it… Business Intelligence, from A to Z. To learn even more about BI and Wyn Enterprise, check out our Wyn video for an in-depth end-user demo.

Summer Rippel

Summer is the Product Marketing Manager for Wyn Enterprise. She has over 13 years of experience in marketing, specifically in the technology and software fields. Summer graduated from Robert Morris Univeristy with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Concentration in Marketing. You can connect with Summer via LinkedIn.

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