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Getting Started with Wyn

Learn about our end-user portals and explore our resources to get started building interactive dashboards and BI reports.

Getting Started with Wyn's Front End Portals

Three end-user portals provide different functionality for different user groups.

1. Introduction to the Documents Portal →

The Wyn Document Portal allows you to view and manage all the reports and dashboards available in Wyn Enterprise.

2. Introduction to the Resource Portal →

The Wyn Resource Portal is for data administrators or IT teams. The Resource Portal displays all resources on the server.


3. Introduction to the Admin Portal →

The Wyn Admin Portal is for administrators to use settings to customize Wyn for their own unique needs. The Admin Portal provides access to settings related to Configuration, Account, System, and Documents.

Getting Started with BI Dashboards

How to Create a BI Dashboard in 5 Minutes

Build high-value, interactive, and drillable dashboards quickly and easily. Here, we'll create a dashboard in under 5 minutes. 

Read more →

Business Intelligence - Insurance Dashboard | Wyn Enterprise

Getting Started with BI Reports