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How to refresh a MonetDB WynDatawarehouse

In this article, we will go through the steps of refreshing the MonetDB database which is the default data warehouse that Wyn uses for cached data sets and models.
This is hosted on a file on the server called wyndw.

Steps to refresh MonetDB:

  • First disable any scheduled refreshes that are ongoing throughout the day. Any tasks that have a chance of running while you are working on the files.
    • An easy place to do this is task management on the admin portal, you can also do the reverse whenever you are done with turning everything back on in the last step.

     Task Managment area

  • Second, you will stop the Wyn service on the server if on windows or linux. 
  • Then, you will need to go into your files on the path {Wyn root folder}/MonetDB for Windows and for Linux it is in /var/monetdb5.
    • In this directory you will want to rename or delete wyndw folder. It can not be reused or added back in after doing so.
    • This will cause Wyn to need to recache everything and fix the corruption that happened.
  • After this you will want to restart Wyn and then go through and recache all of your datasets.
    • You can batch refresh on the admin portal in the following areas.     


Cached Model management

Cached dataset managment area

    • Or single refresh manually on the items themselves in the resource portal.
    • If you have any Cached Models you can do a similar batch refresh on the admin portal
  • Finally you can resume your scheduled tasks as normal using the task management as brought up in the first step.

After that all your caches will be fresh and you can progress as normal.