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How to Backup and Restore your Wyn Database

This article walks through the process of how to backup your Wyn Database and then how to restore to it.

The Wyn Database is hosted on one of 4 different options of database providers:

  • PostgreSQL (Default installation uses this)

  • SQLServer

  • MySQL

  • Oracle

The steps for all of these follow the same process, but the visuals are going to walk through the Postgres version.

What is the Database?

The Wyn Database is where the information that Wyn runs off of is stored. It is configured by your installation and configuration of Wyn.

There are two types of implementations of the database.


Standard databases set up:

There are three standard Wyn Databases; the Identity Server, the Data Cache, and the Server Data.

Wyn Databases

These are split between their relative information sector.

  • The Identity Server or IS is used for the identity services.

  • The Data Cache is what stores the information that Wyn has for embedded data sources such as excel, csv, etc.

  • The Server Data contains all the documents, categories, and the other information that Wyn contains and runs on.


Single database and the standard set up.

Single database will have all the same information in a partitioned database. The only performance concerns around this deployment are when it comes to the number of interactions that the single database can have rather than the split standard set up.

You can not transition from one configuration to another.


How to back up the server:

For the standard Wyn installation with default settings, your server will be using an internal Postgres server running on 5444.

The connection string can be found on the Wyn.conf in the following section.


You will need to use these connection strings, or what you set up to access a database management tool.

With the use of the tool you will need to select at the specific databases/database, and then select the back up option.

Save in your preferred file extension to a location of your choice.

backing up a database to a tar

Finishing the backups

After they are saved you will be able to restore with them in the case of needing to rollback or restore your current Wyn documents as we describe in several of the other articles.

Restoring a database