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Interactive Map Visuals

On a dashboard, maps can help you to focus attention when viewing geographical data and make informed business decisions. 

Maps in WynDashboards

WynDashboards provides several map visuals to support diverse location-based data analysis scenarios.

Bubble Map

A Bubble map employs size and/or color to show variations in measure magnitudes among different map points or regions. It's useful for metrics like regional sales, entity counts, and more.

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Heat Map

A Heat Map displays data on a map using colors to indicate high and low density areas. It measures data point density within a specific geographic radius.

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Flow Line Map

A Flow Line Map shows movement and measure magnitude between geographic locations, like commodity exports or item distribution. It employs color and/or size to represent the analyzed measure.

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Area Map

Area Maps employ colors to visualize measures across geographical regions, highlighting significant areas such as those with high sales, low disaster impact, ample transport for manufacturing, and more.

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