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Technology Dashboard

IT Help Desk Analysis

Gain real-time visualizations about your customer satisfaction ratings, productivity, and resolution time with interactive technology dashboards.


Capture and share KPIs including productivity, resolution time, tickets, and resolution – all in one dashboard.

With a P&L retail dashboard, you can track profit margin, operating profit, expenses, profits per region, and location. A profit and loss dashboard provides an easy visual source for reviewing complex financial data over a period of time.

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  • Help Desk Support Technicians
  • IT Support Engineers 
  • Client Technical Support Managers 
  • Service Desk Analysts 
  • Customer Technical Support Specialists 
  • IT Support Specialists 
  • Field Tech Support Analysts 
  • Technical Support Representatives 
  • Help Desk and Desktop Technicians 
  • IT Technical Help Desk Analysts 
  • Service Desk Managers 
  • IT Service Desk Technicians
  • Technical Application Support
  • Software Technical Support Specialists 
  • Product Support Specialists 
  • Operational Systems Support Specialists 
  • Customer Service Advisors 
  • Response Time 
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Support Volume 
  • Customer Retention Rate 
  • Customer Effort Score 
  • First response time 
  • Revenue Growth 
  • Customer Service Performance Review
  • Customer Waiting Time 
  • Product/Service Knowledge 
  • Agents' Problem-Solving Skills 
  • Time spent on the requestor 
  • Resolution Rate  

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