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Business Intelligence Dashboards for Healthcare

Unlock the insights that drive data-driven decision-making in healthcare.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Global Outbreak

This dashboard visualizes the Coronavirus COVID-19 global outbreak, showing global KPIs and the growth of the disease globally.

With a filter available, the user can interactively focus on a specific country to see the latest data for that country. The data is sourced from WHO and CDC sites through the GitHub resource, managed by JNU.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) US Outbreak

The Coronavirus COVID-19 United States Outbreak Dashboard uses local data from different states to show relevant KPIs. It shows the latest information about the outbreak of the disease. 

Interactive maps allow for state selection to cross-filter data and get specific state-level numbers. The data is sourced from The COVID Tracking Project's data APIs.

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Pneumonia & Influenza

Enhance your understanding of the impacts the pneumonia and influenza over a period of eight years. Gain predictive updates and visualize healthcare KPIs all with the use of an interactive dashboard.

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