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Finance Dashboard

Investment Portfolio Analysis

Finance dashboards target specific reporting issues and understand how to create a well-balanced portfolio.


An investment portfolio analysis helps you gain valuable insights on financial assets, bonds, stocks, and commodities. Understand how to become more profitable, through the use of growth, income, and value elements within the investment portfolio analysis.

Investment Portfolio Analysis Finance Dashboard
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  • Financial Advisors 
  • Stock Exchange Publications 
  • Department of Company Affairs 
  • Industry Associations
  • Market Analysts 
  • Financial Journals 
  • Broker Firms
  • Investors 
  • Security Analysts 
  • Economists 
  • Investment Bankers 
  • Corporations 
  • Clients 
  • Internal Rate of Return
  • Payback Period of an Investment 
  • Market Position Metrics 
  • Savings Levels Due to Improvement Efforts 
  • Return on Innovation Investment 
  • Number of Key Capital Investments that Meet or Exceed ROI Expectations 
  • ROI 
  • Net Profit Margin 
  • Net Profit 
  • Gross Profit Margin 
  • Gross Profit 
  • Gross Revenue 
  • Earnings Per Share 
  • Price-to-Earnings Per Share Ratio
  • Average Annual Growth Rate 
  • Compound Average Growth Rate 
  • Internal Rate of Return 
  • Break-Even Time 

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