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Annotations are small notes that are added to a dashboard scenario to highlight the important milestones to the users, like a comment or an explanatory text. They make a scenario more informative when the scenario itself is not enough for data interpretation.

When adding an annotation to a scenario, you can also format the text and add links to jump to a URL, a dashboard, or a report, in the annotation editor.

Adding an Annotation

  1. Select the dashboard scenario or hover the mouse cursor on the scenario for which you want to add an annotation.

  2. Click the Add Annotations button on top of the scenario.

    Adding an annotation to the scenario

  3. In the Annotation text editor, enter the note and click OK. Note that the Add Annotation button changes to the Edit Annotations after adding an annotation.

    Annotation Text Editor

  4. Preview the dashboard.
    Select the dashboard scenario for which you have added the annotation and click the Annotations button to view the note.

    Seeing Annotation Note when Previewing Dashboard