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Document Binder

The Document Binder feature in Wyn Enterprise serves as a powerful tool for organizing and managing a collection of dashboards and reports within the platform. This functionality is designed to enhance user experience by allowing the grouping of multiple reports and dashboards, facilitating easy access and navigation.

Using a document binder you can efficiently schedule tasks related to specific sets of reports and dashboards. Document binder is instrumental in creating a cohesive and structured environment, enabling users to view and manage their curated content effortlessly. The Document Binder is integrated into the navigation panel, providing a centralized location for users to access and review their grouped reports and dashboards. This ensures a user-friendly experience, as individuals can conveniently locate and revisit their desired content without navigating through multiple interfaces.

In this help article you will find the following information on Document Binder;

Create Document Binder

Navigate to the Resource or Document Portal and follow the below instructions,

  1. Click the + Create button and then, click the Create Document Binder option. This action will open the Document Binder Designer page on your screen.


  2. Now, select the documents from the Add Documents dropdown under the Document List section. You can select multiple documents from the Types or Categories section of the dropdown and click OK to confirm.


  3. From the Parameters section, select the applicable parameters to apply. The selected parameter will be used as the default parameter when previewing the document using the document binder. To reset the parameter value click the Set default values button.


  4. To save the Document Binder, click the Save button on the top-left corner of your screen.

  5. To preview the document binder, click the Preview button. Preview of the Document Binder will appear on your screen with a list of documents on the left navigation bar and a preview of the selected document.


View Document Binder

To view a Document Binder, follow the below instructions,

  1. Navigate to the Document Types section of the left navigation bar and click the Document Binder option under the Documents section.


  2. A list of saved document binders will appear on your screen. You can perform various operations on the Document Binder as shown below image and explained later,


    1. Actions Toolbar: Includes option to preview, and view document binder in a new window, and context menu options like Edit, Copy URL, Rename, Delete, and Download.

    2. Search Bar: Used to search a document binder from the list.

    3. Actions: Includes Delete and Edit options to remove or edit selected document binder.

    4. Info Panel: Used to update the general information of the document binder, schedule tasks, view history, and revisions.

Note: Document Binder supports all functions of documents including upload, download, import, export, and permissions. You can also add categories to your document binder.