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Modify Data Binding

You might want to modify the data binding for a scenario at runtime when previewing a dashboard in the Dashboard Viewer.

Modifying data binding involves binding the dashboard scenario with new attributes or replacing the existing bound attributes with new ones, and specifying their aggregation methods. You can perform the same operations on the data attributes that you could perform at design-time in the data binding area such as renaming, modifying data format, changing the display format, and many others. For more information about these operations, see Data Attributes. You can also change the scenario type to find the right view for the updated data.

Modify Data Binding

As an example, let's suppose you have a chart scenario that shows the revenue and planned revenue by year. Now you want to visualize the sales revenue by the 'Product Line' instead of 'Year'.

  1. On the Dashboard Viewer, select the dashboard scenario for which you want to modify the data binding. Note that a More Actions button appears on the top right of the selected scenario.

  2. Click More Actions to display the Action Bar and then select Data Binding.

    Select Data Binding from the Action Bar

  3. To change the bound attributes, go to the attribute's settings in the Data Binding dialog, and select Remove. For example, in our case, remove the bound attribute 'Year' next to Axis (Category).

    Remove the existing bound data attribute

  4. Click the Add button next to the Axis (Category) and choose the data attribute from the list you want to visualize; in our case 'Product line'.

    Modifying data binding

  5. Click Reset to save the changes. The data represented in the scenario automatically changes when bound to new attribute(s).

    Reset the data binding properties