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Aggregation Methods

An aggregation method returns a summarized value by aggregating multiple values of a data attribute.

In Wyn Dashboards, default aggregation is automatically applied to binding measures to scenarios. You can change the default aggregation method to a method that most closely helps you in deriving the metric.

Aggregation is performed on binding the measures to Values. When binding measures, six aggregation methods are available. The default aggregation method for measures is Sum. For dimensions, only two aggregation methods are available: Count and Distinct Count. The default aggregation method for dimensions is Count.

The below table lists all the aggregation methods.

Aggregation Method



Returns the sum of all the values in an attribute


Returns the average value in an attribute


Returns the minimum value in an attribute


Returns the maximum value in an attribute


Returns the number of values in an attribute

Distinct Count

Returns the number of unique values in an attribute


Returns the first value in an attribute

Note: The aggregation method First is only applicable for the Color data attribute for Bubble Map and Area Map. Refer to Bubble Map, Area Map for more details.

Apply Aggregation Method to a Data Attribute

  1. Go to the Data Binding tab Data Binding Icon.

  2. Under Values section, go to the attribute's settings Properties Icon and select Aggregation Method.

  3. Select an aggregation method to apply to the bound attribute.

    The following image shows the six aggregation methods available for a measure.

    Selecting aggregation method for measures

    There are only two aggregation methods for a bound dimension.

    Selecting aggregation method for dimensions