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Mobile Designer

Mobile Designer is a dashboard designer element used to design the dashboard scenario for mobile devices. Mobile Designer options is available in the Page Setup Bar at the bottom of the dashboard designer.

To setup the layout mode of the dashboard scenarios in mobile view, navigate to the dashboard designer page and follow the below instructions,

  1. Click the Mobile Designer option from the Page Setup Bar.
    Mobile Designer option

  2. Mobile Designer settings page will appear on your screen. From the Settings panel on the right side, select an option from the Display Adaptation dropdown to set the mobile view to desktop mode or adapt to the page width. To undo, redo, reset or save the dashboard design use the Undo, Redo, Reset, and Save options from the Access Toolbar.
    Mobile Designer Settings Page

  3. Options of the Display Adaptation dropdown as described below,

    • Default - With the Default option selected, the dashboard will render in the desktop view on your mobile browser and the rendered dashboard width will be equal to the width of the mobile screen.
      Default Desktop View for Mobile View
    • Page Width Adaptation - With the Page Width Adaptation option, the rendered dashboard will fit to the screen on the mobile browser.
      Page Width Adaptation for Mobile Designer

Note: The Page size and fixed size will take no effect on the mobile browser.