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Deploying to Local Kubernetes

This article describes the steps to deploy Wyn Enterprise on cloud services using Kubernetes.


  1. A Kubernetes cluster.

    For information on how to set up a Kubernetes cluster, please see this article.

  2. An existing database (such as Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, or SQL Server)

Deploying Wyn Enterprise to Kubernetes

  1. Download the zip file and then unzip it.

  2. Create a conf folder in every worker node (the service can auto-create monetdb5-data and logs folder), and then, update the 'hostPath' to the worker node path in the pv/pv.yaml file.

    Update host path in pv.yaml file

  3. Update the database connection string in the conf/Wyn.conf, and then copy the file to the conf folder created previously.

    Update the database connection string

  4. Update the node selector in the services/analysisdb.yaml file.

    Update the node selector

  5. Copy the pv and services folder to the master node.

    • Execute the following command to create the volumes.

      kubectl apply -f pv
    • Execute the following command to create the Kubernetes services.

      kubectl apply -f services
    • Wyn Enterprise is now deployed in the Kubernetes cluster. You can use the following command to get the pods' status. Please wait for all the pods to get ready.

      Kubernetes Deployment

      You can access Wyn Enterprise by http://<master-node-ip>:30000.