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External Storage

As an admin at the Wyn Enterprise portal, you can create the task delivery destinations using FTP, SFTP, and AWS_S3 methods. Users can choose these methods to send the scheduled task results. You can create and manage the task delivery destination using External Storage. Admin can control their permissions as well.

To Add a New External Storage

  1. On the Admin Portal, navigate to Configuration Settings >> Scheduling>>External Storage click Add Storage.

    Add New External Storage Template - Add Template

  2. Add the following Basic Information

  • Give a Storage Name.

    Give Storage Name

  • Select the Storage Type (FTP, SFTP, AWS_S3) from the dropdown list.

    Select Storage Type

  1. Give a description of the storage.

  2. Enter the Storage Settings. The fields for the storage settings differ based on the storage type selected.

  • For Storage Type - FTP and SFTP, following fields are displayed.

    FTP/SFTP Storage Settings

  • For Storage Type - AWS_S3, following fields are displayed.

    AWS_S3 Storage Settings

  1. Enter the details and click the Create Storage button to create the external storage.

    Click Create Storage Button

  2. New storage is added to the External Storage section where you can edit the basic information, assign permissions, and manage storage settings.

    Storage Added

To Edit an External Storage

  1. On the External Storage section, select the storage to edit. The editor will open on the right side of the page.

    Edit External Storage

  2. Under the Basic Information tab, you can modify the following properties of the external storage:

    • Storage Description: You can edit the description if required.

    • Assign Permission - Select the checkbox next to each role to allow users to have access to the external storage created.

      Edit Basic Information

  3. Under the Storage Settings tab, you can edit the storage setting details.

    Edit Storage Settings

  4. Click the Save button to save the changes.

To Delete an External Storage

  1. On the External Storage section, select the storage to delete and click the delete buttonDelete Button corresponding to it.

    Delete External Storage confirmation message is displayed.

    Delete Storage Confirmation Message

  2. Click OK on the message box to delete the storage, else click the Cancel button.