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Auditing Settings

Auditing allows you to monitor and track user activities in Wyn Enterprise. User activities that are logged in the Audit Logs include login, logout, create, delete, update, preview, etc. Audit logs include the user activities on both dashboards and reports.

Follow the below instructions to manage the Auditing Settings,

  1. On the Admin Portal, navigate to Configuration >> Auditing Settings.

    Auditing Settings - navigate to Auditing Settings tab

  2. Set the Turn on Auditing flag to True. By default, the Turn on Auditing flag is False.

    Auditing Settings - turn on the auditing settings tab

  3. Enter information for the settings as described in the below table.

    Configure audit log information on Admin portal



    Turn on Auditing

    Turns on auditing.

    Days to store auditing

    Specify the number of days to store audit data.


    Specify the provider for a database in which to store the data – MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Oracle.

    Use Connection String

    Turns on the Connection string field, if you just want to enter a connection string.


    Enter the name of the host machine on which to store auditing data.


    Enter the port number to use on the host machine.

    Database name

    Enter the name of the database in which to store auditing data.

    User name

    Enter the user name under which to log in to the database.


    Enter the password to use for logging in to the database.

  4. Once you provide all the needed information, click Connect. On a successful connection, you will be prompted to create a built-in audit log database and dataset. Click the Create option.

  5. Then, click Save to save and begin auditing.

    Auditing Setting - create built-in database and dataset

To learn more about viewing the Audit Logs, see the View Audit Logs help article.