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Wyn Enterprise: UI Settings

The User Interface allows you to customize the logos, color schemes, login page, document themes, categories, and language packages of the Wyn Enterprise portal to comply with the organization's branding guidelines.

The UI settings page is divided into five tabs - Portal Settings, Login Page Settings, Custom Theme, Categories, Default Document Theme, and System Languages. Once you have configured all the settings, click the Save button to save the updates made on the UI Settings page.

In this section

Portal Settings
     This page describes how to adjust the display settings for the Wyn Enterprise portals.
Login Page Settings
     This page explains how to configure the basic and advanced settings for Wyn Enterprise Login Page.
Custom Theme
     This page describes how to create customized themes in Wyn Enterprise.
     This page describes the steps to add and edit categories in Wyn Enterprise.
Default Document Theme
     This page explains how to modify the default document theme for Wyn Enterprise portals.
System Languages
     This page describes how to view and manage the language packages in Wyn Enterprise.