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Using ClickHouse as OLAP Database

ClickHouse is a column-oriented database management system for OLAP. You can use ClickHouse in place of MonetDB as the option for the AnalyticDB. It provides higher data processing (analysis) ability and higher system stability. It can also be hosted in Azure App Service.

You have two analysis database installation options:

  • For Medium scale: Installing a single MonetDb database server via the installer. The recommended scenario is for personal usage, a small company, or low demands on data analysis.
  • For Large scale: You are required to install a ClickHouse server and provide the connection string in Wyn's installation flow. Wyn will store the dataset/model cache in the ClickHouse and execute analysis queries on it.

Wyn 6.1 installation uses MonetDB as a data warehouse by default. You can use ClickHouse as an alternative to MonetDB as an OLAP database. For this, you need to manually set up the ClickHouse server and then configure it through Wyn.conf.

Configuring ClickHouse through Wyn.conf

You need to change the DataWarehouse Provider to ClickHouseV2 and add the connection string as below: