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MS Teams Integration

This article describes how you can receive notifications on the results of scheduled documents on MS Teams from Wyn Enterprise. MS Teams is a messaging app for business workplaces that connect people through real-time chats, video calls, voice calls, and screen sharing.

To Integrate Wyn Enterprise with MS Teams

To receive notifications about the run results of the scheduled documents on MS Teams, you need to perform the following steps.

1. MS Teams deployment is not possible in public networks, which means you can only send notifications within an organization.
2. Multi-Factor Authentication must be disabled. Else, the MS Teams configuration will not work correctly due to fetch account failure issue.

  1. Log in to Microsoft Azure.

  2. In the Azure portal, select More Services > App registrations, and then click New registration.
    App Registration on Azure Portal

  3. In the Register an application page, enter your application details including name, supported account type, redirect URI (if any), and then click Register.
    Application Details
    The application is created.
    Application Details

  4. Navigate to the Authentication tab, set Allow public client flows to Yes, and then click Save.
    Integrating MS Teams with Wyn Enterprise

  5. Switch to the API permissions tab, and add the following permissions to your application using Add a permission, and then click Save.

    • JoinTeams
    • Users
    • Channels
    • chat

    Adding permissions to your application

  6. On the Admin Portal of Wyn Enterprise, go to Configuration > Notification Center Settings > MS Teams Settings, and adjust the settings, as follows.

    • Set the Enabled property to True.
    • Paste the AppId, TenantId, Username, and Password into its corresponding fields. (Get these details from the Overview tab, as shown in Step 3).

    MS Teams Settings

  7. To send a test notification on MS Teams, choose a user from the Send Test MSTeams drop-down and click Send.

  8. Click Save Changes to confirm.

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