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Create Hierarchical Map

Hierarchical Maps are the combination of the custom GeoJSON maps which provide the drill-down ability of geographic locations.

You can also download a hierarchical map to your local files by selecting a Hierarchical Map in the list and clicking Download.

To create a hierarchical map, go to 'Resource Portal' and follow these steps.

  1. On the Resource Portal, navigate to Create (+) > Create Hierarchical Map.

    Create Hierarchical Map Option

    Hierarchical Map Editor is displayed.

    Hierarchical Map Editor

    You need to first upload the GeoJson files. Refer to the section Upload Resources to upload the maps.

    Once the maps are uploaded, Hierarchical Map Editor will display the list of GeoJson files and Hierarchical Map(s).

    Hierarchical Map Editor

  2. Drag a GeoJSON file and drop it to the

    'Drop map data Here' section. This GeoJson file will be the hierarchical root node.

    Root Node

    Note: You can click the Zoom IN and Zoom Out respectively, to Zoom In and Zoom Out the hierarchical maps. You can delete the map by clicking the delete icon Delete Map Icon .

  3. Drag its child node such as 'China' node. A Join dialog box is displayed.

    Join Dialog Box

    The left panel displays all the Property Keys of the 'World' GeoJson, and the right panel displays the values corresponding to the property selected from the left panel. Select any one property key as per your criteria, the list of corresponding property values is displayed in the right panel. You can select the appropriate value to refer to the child node. Example: Choose 'name' as the Property Key and 'China' as the property value.

  4. Click the Save button. One relation will be created between 'World' and 'China' GeoJson, as shown below in the figure.

    Worl China Relationship Created

  5. You can also drag an existing Hierarchical Map document on the right panel, and add it to the current hierarchy. Example: Drag 'UnitedStatesHierarchical Map' to the right panel, this will be added as one child node.

    Existing Hierarchical Map as Child Node

    You can click the Expand Expand Icon and Collapse icon Collapse Icon to expand and collapse the hierarchical maps for easier navigation.

    Exapand and Collapse Maps

    You can click the Join icon Join Icon to change its parent node or change its property value. Example: Click the 'United States' and 'World' join icon, Join screen is displayed.

    World US Join Click

    The left panel dropdown list includes all the nodes except the 'United States' node's children nodes. This is because you cannot change the 'United States' parent node to any of its children node.

  6. Click the Save button to save the Hierarchical Map.

    Save dialog box is displayed.

  7. Enter the details and click Save.

    Save Dialog Box

The 'Hierarchical Map Editor' will be closed, and the saved hierarchical map will be listed in the "Hierarchical Map" section under Document Types. You can edit or delete them as well.

Saved Hierarchical Map