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Wyn Enterprise: Data Analysis and Interactivity

An interactive report makes the data analysis process easier, by letting the end users modify the report data during the run-time. This gives end users more control over the data since they can now modify the data and view only the desired information which makes decision-making better. Even a non-technical user can prepare highly interactive reports without any assistance of IT professionals.

Wyn Enterprise supports features interactive features like parameters, drill-down, filters, links, sorting, and document map.

  • Parameters - Report parameters are typically used to filter the report data at run time. You can either set default values to the parameters or prompt the users to enter the parameter values at the run time. Wyn Enterprise provide supports for multivalue, multiline, and hidden parameters.

  • Drill-Down - The drill down feature is useful in analyzing the multidimensional data in the reports. It allows users to navigate from a summarized view to a more detailed view by going one step deeper.

  • Filters - Filters in reports allow users to display only the relevant information in the reports. This way, users can limit the information in their reports.

  • Sorting - Sorting data enables users to organize the data and present it in a logical order at run-time. It allows users to sort the alphabetically or numerically in ascending or descending order.

  • Document Map - The document map feature allows users to navigate to any item in the report by simply clicking that item.

  • Bookmarks, Hyperlinks, and Drill-through Links - These links allow users to navigate to any bookmarked item in a report, to an external web page, or to an another report for more detailed information.