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Create a Scheduled Task to Run a Data Model

Scheduled tasks in the Wyn Enterprise application from data models are created on the Cached Data Models. The run result of a scheduled task is automatically generated at the specified time or interval. You can share the result of the task to a designated email address in the form of a link.

Create scheduled tasks on data models using the Resource portal.

To Schedule a Task

Navigate to Resource Portal >> Document Types >> Data >> Data Model and follow the below steps to schedule a task on a data model:

  1. Select the Cached Model to schedule a task. With the Cached Model selected, click the Info button in the top-right corner.

    Schedule Task for Data Model - Navigation

  2. Navigate to the Tasks tab in the Info panel that appears and click the + Add Task button to create a new scheduled task.

    Schedule Task for Data Model - Add Task

  3. Under the Details section, add a task description, select the Entities (if any), and choose the Scheduled option for execution. Enter the email address to share the task document and click Create Task button to schedule the task.

    You can either use an existing schedule template or add a schedule manually as described below,

    (i) To schedule the task using an existing schedule template check the Use Template option and select a template from Choose Template drop-down.

    Schedule Task for Data Model - Use Template

    Note: With the latest Wyn Enterprise release 6.1, the minimum frequency of Every [minute(s)] option is set to 5 minutes by default.

    (ii) To schedule a task without using a schedule template, manually enter the schedule details - Select a Daily or Monthly frequency, select one of the options from At or Every (Hours or Minutes) to set the frequency, and set the start and end date and time.

    Schedule Task for Data Model - Manual Schedule

For more information on how to create a custom schedule template, follow this link.

You can specify the Start/End time for a scheduled task by using the Add Execution Time Range option. To select the time range:

  • Select Daily for REPEAT and select Every hour(s) or Every minute(s)for the execution time.

  • The Add Execution Time Range check box will appear.

    add execition time range option

  • Select Add Execution Time Range, the Start Time and End Time selectors will appear to select the time range during which the task is executed in a day.

  • The default value of Start Time is "12:00 AM".

  • The default value of End Time is "11:59 PM"

  • After adding the execution time range, the description of the execution time range will be displayed in the task description.

    select time range

    There are two ways to modify the Start Time and End Time:

    • Selection box

    • Input text

      selection and input box

      The Start Time and End Time must have a value.

    Note: For successful task execution, make sure that the worker service is running in the background, else the scheduled task will fail to execute. To get the status of the worker service, navigate to the Node Management page on the Admin Portal.

(iii) If you choose the One-Time option under Execution, then you can specify the Start date-time and Executing Timezone as per your requirement. Enter the email address to share the task document and click Create Task button.

datamodel one time f

To Manage a Scheduled Task

To manage a scheduled task, click the Ellipsis button Ellipsis Button in the Tasks tab. You can use this button to disable, edit, or delete a scheduled task.

Manage Schedule Task for DataModel

  • Disable - Deactivates all future scheduled executions for that task. You can resume the task execution once you enable the scheduled task by clicking the Ellipsis button.

  • Edit - Enables you to modify the existing information for that task like its name, execution type, timings, export format, and so on.

  • Delete - Discards the scheduled task. Note that once you delete a scheduled task, it is gone forever.