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How to Filter Your Report Using a Set Parameter


This article shows how to use the Rich Text control in a Dashboard. This control allows adding text to a dashboard and Context Variables, such as User context.

Steps to Complete:

  1. In the Dashboard Designer, open up the toolbox on the left panel
  2. Select “Components” and you will see the “Rich Text” component in the tab. Click and drag the “Rich Text” component onto the dashboard.
  3. To start entering text, click the pencil icon inside the “Rich Text” component. Now you have the ability to start entering text. You can edit the format of the text using the tools next to the component.
  4. If you want to use the Context Variables option, select the “{}” icon. This will bring up the Context Variable dialog, where you can input a single context variable, such as datasets[“datasetName”].lastUpdated. and click “OK”. This will show when the specified dataset was last updated.
  5. You also have the ability to change the properties of the “Rich Text” control using the inspector tab. You can change the background color, border, shadow, font settings, and more.