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How to Embed an image into a Report


This article shows how to embed an image in an RDL or Page Report.


Steps to Complete:

1. In your RDL/Page Report, go to the report toolbox on the left.

2. Click and drag the Image component onto the reports designer.

3. Select the image component and go to the properties tab.

4. Find the Appearance section of the properties and click the drop down next to image. You will then see the options “Shared”, “Embedded”, and “Database”. Click “Embedded”, and select “Load…”. This will open up the file explorer and you can select the image you want to embed into the report. Now you will see the image in the “Embedded” options.

5. Select the image and now it will be loaded into the report.

6. Change the properties “Image Sizing”, “Horizontal Alignment”, and “Vertical Alignment” to have your image appear as desired.

Note: Image sizing option “Fit” will place the image to fit within the size of the Image component on the report. “Fit Proportional” will place the image to fit proportionally (correct size) within the image component.