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How to Create a Watermark in Wyn Reports


This article unveils the process of incorporating watermarks into reports using Wyn Enterprise. A practical illustration comes to life in a sample report utilizing the "RXStyleReport_page" template. Clear instructions on replicating this watermark approach follow below.

Steps to Complete:

  1. Create a report. It may be either RDL or Blank Page type.

  2. Design the report as you normally would. The watermark can be added at the end.

  3. Click on the Layers button on the left toolbar. Add a new layer. 

  4. Set the transparency for this new Layer to 75%.

  5. Now you must put an item on this new layer. This item will serve as the watermark. You may use an image or text. Add the item to the design environment.

  6. Click on the item you want to layer.

  7. Go to the Layout section on the Properties Panel.

  8. Change the setting for that item to a different layer. Also set the Z-Index to 0 to force the item to the back.

  9. The item will now appear behind other items.

Brandon Boribong

Brandon is a Product Consultant for MESCIUS' Wyn Enterprise platform, where he works on technical demonstrations, support, and blog writing. Brandon graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Information Science and Technology from Temple University and has experience developing websites and apps, as well as client relations as a customer facing liaison. He likes to work on solving complex problems as a team and helping people achieve their goals through the use of technology. When he isn't thinking of problem solving, Brandon enjoys traveling with his wife, and going on scenic nature adventures. Brandon also loves videography and foreign cuisine.