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How to change the Page Size and Margins of a Report


This article shows how to change the page size and margins of a report.

Steps to Complete:

1. In the reports designer, go to the report explorer . In the explorer, select “Report”.

2. Now go to the properties tab and navigate to the “Page Size” section. In this section you can change the “Page Size” using the drop down to select a preset option such as “Letter”, “Tabloid”, etc. You can also set a custom page size using the “Page Width” and “Page Height” properties in this section as well.


If you want to change the page orientation, you can select the “Page Orientation” drop down to change from Landscape to Portrait or Portrait to Landscape. 

In the same area you can also change the margins of the report manually or as the presets normal, narrow, or none. This will change the area you can place items on your report.

You are also able to change the Margin size on the page if you enable the ruler and drag the indicators on it.