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How to add Page information to a RDL or Page Report


This article shows how to add a page number, total number of pages, and what page number you are on compared to the total number of pages.


Steps to Complete:

1. Open your RDL or Page report, or create a new one.

2. In the reports designer, select the data binding tab. In the data binding tab, you will see the sections “Data Sets”, “Parameters” and “Common Values”.

3. Go to the “Common Values” section. In this section you will see “Page Number”, “Total Pages”, and “Page N of M”. 

Common Values Image

4. Click and drag the page information you desire onto the report.

5. Preview the report, and now you will see the desired page information.

Note: You can create a page header and footer as well, and can place the page information in there. Other “Common Values” that you can automatically add to your report are: “Current Date and Time”, “Report Name”, “User ID”, and “User Language”.