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How to Add a Parameter to a Report


This article shows how to add a multi-value parameter to a report.


Steps to Complete:

1. In your RDL or Page report, go to the data binding tab. Scroll down to Parameters, and click add.

2. Enter the Parameter “Name”, “Prompt”, and the “Data Type” from the drop-down.

3. Set the available values.

    a. First you will select the “Data Set Name” using the dropdown. Then the “Value Field” will be a field of the data set that you want to use as the parameter values to select from. “Label Field” will typically be the same field as the “Value Field”

    b. You also can select the “Non-queried” tab on Available Values to set your own customer values.

4. Set the default values.

    a. If you want to have a default value set on the parameter you can select the “Data Set Name” and “Value Field”.

    b. If you want to have a custom default value set, select the “Non-queried” tab. In the Values textbox select the 4 lines to add an item.

5. After setting the desired properties, go back to the data binding tab, and Preview the report. Now you have a parameter set.


Note: You can use this parameter to filter out your report by following the below Knowledge Base article: How to filter your Report using a set Parameter