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Business Intelligence for All

Put the pieces of your business together with Wyn Enterprise 

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Take Your Business to the Next Level

Self-service business intelligence is becoming essential for all companies to ensure a competitive position in today’s business world. Self-service BI empowers all teams, from sales to shipping, to independently explore, analyze, and generate insights that enable quick, data-driven decisions.  

As a current Microsoft Power BI user, you know the value of a BI tool, but you also see the complexity and cost associated with Power BI for the everyday user. What if we told you there was a way to get a user-friendly, cost-effective BI tool into the hands of ALL EMPLOYEES?

There is… meet Wyn Enterprise.

BI for All with Wyn Enterprise

Wyn Enterprise is an embedded, self-service business intelligence platform that empowers all teams to visualize data fast and make smarter decisions.


For ALL Users

From no-code business users to technical data scientists, Wyn is accessible to all.

Unique Licensing

A server-based licensing model, meaning there are no per-user fees.

The Missing Piece

With Wyn, solve the puzzle & put all the pieces of your business together.

Empower Every Department, Team, and Employee

Wyn Enterprise allows you to put BI into the hands of every user, despite their technical background. With intuitive designers, all users can generate their own custom reports and dashboards without assistance from IT.

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Scale Your Users Up, While Scaling Your Costs Down

Putting BI into the hands of every user sounds expensive, but with Wyn it isn’t.

Our server-based licensing model ensures there are no per-user fees, no data limitations, and no increase in your total cost of ownership.

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The Complete Picture

With BI for All, the complete picture comes into focus when all your teams and departments can contribute.

When you finally have the right data and insights in one place, you can make more impactful and informed decisions to take your business to the next level.

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The Wyn Difference

There are many BI platforms that give your users dashboards and reports. Here are just a few of the reasons why Wyn is in a class of its own:

No-code intuitive, user-friendly web-based designers and viewers

Data monitors and distributed schedules that automate insights

Global-by-design for a truly internationalized user experience

All-in-one embedded BI and enterprise BI platform

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